Shawnta Kinmon - Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA, IFA
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129 B Corporate Drive • Swansea, Il 62226  •  618.520.6679
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Bangin' Body Training Testimonials
Natasha Stallings

Hello my name is Natasha Stallings… I started a new life journey two years ago when I went to a Health Fair for my job and I got on the scale and it said 365 pounds. That’s when I made up in my mind that something has got to change God put a special person in my life Ms. Shawnta Kinmon, I told her what I was trying to do with myself so that week I was at Bangin Body scared and all. Everything she told me to do I did it with no excuses. I love my Bangin Body family and I wouldn't have it no other way. Shawnta is a Promoter for ViSalus and I attend one of the classes on a Saturday morning and after that class I took the challenge to lost 10 in a week  so I lost 7 pound my first week but I didn't take it serious at first, so the next time I took the challenge I lost 90 pounds and now I’m a Promoter for ViSalus as well.  I put my faith in “GOD”  and without Him I wouldn't be here today to tell my story. I’m so proud to say that I have lost 200 pounds! You can do this and I didn't say the road would be easy but you have to be willing to make a “Life Change” for yourself. I will leave you with this “I can DO all things through Christ who strengthen me." 

Denise Reaves

One of my favorite quotes is "If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you." My fitness journey has indeed been filled with challenges of all levels. When my weight hit 175 pounds, weighing more than when I was pregnant, my journey began. I tried many facilities and boot camp style classes with minimal results.  I was struggling and frustrated. I was invited by a friend to try yet another facility. Hesitant I agreed to go. It was unlike any other place I had been to. I had support, motivation, encouragement, intense classes, and nutrition guidance. The nutrition guidance was something I didn't realize was so vital and the missing link I needed. I decided to give it a try and stuck around. Within a few weeks I began to look and feel better, stronger, and more energized than I ever had. Before I knew it I was transforming. I had finally found all the pieces to the puzzle and I was loving the picture that was before me. I faced the challenges, and received
the changes!


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